Best Christmas Cookies Recipes

For many Americans, one of the most exciting parts of Thanksgiving is looking forward to the following Christmas cookies specials. Christmas cookies are known for its chaos: millions of people lining up and fighting their way through crowded supermarkets and department stores to get the deals of a lifetime.

If you’re one of the many who participate in this festive holiday, you know how stressful the day can be. With everything you have to worry about–from securing the best deals to making sure you line up on time and early enough–the last thing you want to worry about is cooking and preparing food.That’s why we believe the best Christmas cookies recipes are simple, easy, and cost you barely any time at all so that you can get a head start on your day. Below is the perfect Christmas cookies breakfast recipe!

Even better, all the best Christmas cookies recipes help you finish all of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

For breakfast, you can start by getting rid of your extra ham or turkey with a delicious morning omelet. Preparing omelets is quick, easy, and fun. Even better, because of the numerous different ingredients you can add, omelets can be a flavorful, healthy,And fulfilling breakfast meal.

You will need (per person):

  1. 2-3 eggs
  2. Cheese (if desired)
  3. Butter or oil
  4. Salt (a pinch)
  5. Pepper
  6. Vegetables (of your choice)
  7. Garlic (optional)

The first step is to heat your pan to medium and heat your butter or garlic. At this stage, you should add your meat.When your meat is thoroughly heated, you can add the vegetables of your choice (including minced garlic, if desired). Vegetables (especially leafy vegetables such as spinach) cook very quickly, so be sure to keep a constant eye on your pan and stir to keep it from burning or sticking.

While your meat is heating, crack the desired number of eggs first into a bowl. It is better to crack the eggs into a bowl first and mix them with a fork until they are well blended. (Note: you can make the omelet using egg whites, but note that egg whites are more likely to stick, so be extra watchful. You can always add more oil or butter to prevent sticking). Be sure that you also watch your meat so that it doesn’t burn.When your meat and vegetables are ready, pour in your beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper as desired. As your eggs start to cook, you will want to place your spatula along the edges of your egg and gently fold the sides over. Turn your pan 360 degrees, carefully folding every corner. As you do so, be sure to drain excess liquid from the eggs to the side of the pan and keep folding until the eggs are solid. Next, you should flip the egg.

Watch your egg carefully, checking the underside to see when the eggs are done. If you wish to have cheese, place shredded cheese across the top of your egg as desired.

When your eggs are done, simply dump slip them from a pan onto a plate, folding them in half as you do.

Christmas Fried Pork Chops recipes

For many people, one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the Christmas holidays is getting together with family and eating delicious food. There are some foods that we wait all year and enjoy during this special time

For some of us, however, it can be a little more stressful. When you’re in charge of cooking and preparing these meals, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy and pleasure of eating them. This is especially true when you haven’t a clue of what you should prepare and are in desperate need of a crowd pleaser.

Well, look no more. This simple recipe is sure to delight both you and all who eat it and will give you the chef reputation you try so hard every year to maintain. This simple fried pork chop recipe will win you the favor you try so hard to maintain every year.


  1. Butter (optional)
  2. Pork chops (boneless and bone-in are both okay)
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper
  5. Flour
  6. Oil

Though you may not view fried pork chops as a Christmas food, they actually serve to compliment various dishes usually found on your Christmas dinner table: mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, butter beans, etc. Even better, they’re incredibly easy to make! Make sure that you are using a proper vegetable oil for frying, as not all oils are appropriate for deep frying meat. Additionally, make sure that you adjust the oil to the proper temperature so that you get crispy pork chops without burning them. If the temperature is too low, you will get soggy meat, and if it is too high, you will get burnt and tough pork chops.

Start with a low temperature and place a little flour into your pan. If it fries, the temperature is ready. If not, up the temperature in little increments.The only required ingredients are salt, pepper, and flour. You should make sure that you thoroughly season the meat itself with pepper and salt on BOTH sides. The meat absorbs the flavor better if you use pressure to rub the salt and pepper in. You can also add a little salt and pepper to the flour before coating the meat.

When the oil is ready and you have seasoned your meat, you may want to cook the first porkchop as a test piece to make sure your seasoning amounts and oil are all appropriate. Cook slowly, turning every five minutes or so, until the meat is thorougly cooked. The best way to check this is to use a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the meat. Alternatively, porkchops will turn white or gray when done. Be careful to use a napkin to remove excess grease after frying.If you want to add a little extra flavor, you can melt butter and dip your porkchops in it before adding your salt and pepper.

This is not recommended for people who have heart or obesity issues, but for healthy people it can provide a tasty treat in moderation.Keep in mind that if you fry multiple porkchops you may have to increase the temperature regularly or change your oil. The key to perfect pork chops is observing the cooking process. Through careful planning, you’ll create a dish everyone will love!

Christmas cookies Copycat Waffle

We all love a good hashbrown, but you may have noticed that perfecting your recipe is often harder than it looks. Have you ever wondered why your hashbrowns always turn out mushy and limp while Waffle House serves you perfectly crisp, delicious hashbrowns every time? Well, wonder no more! Say goodbye to mushy, wet hashbrowns, as we’ll tell you the way to make golden, crispy hashbrowns every single time.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes (or until golden brown)

Serving size: 1 person


  • Potatoes (two medium potatoes)
  • Salt (no more than a teaspoon)
  • Pepper (as desired)
  • Vegetable Oil (enough to coat the bottom of the pan so that your potatoes don’t stick)
  • You will need …
  • A potato ricer
  • Vegetable peeler or knife
  • Grater

There’s no secret that the most important step in making great hashbrowns is choosing a good potato. Make sure to choose two good, medium-sized potatoes for this recipe. After peeling your potatoes, make sure to wash them.Be sure to have a good amount of working space, as the next step can be a little messy if you are unused to grating potatoes.

Naturally, potatoes have a lot of juice, and when you grate them, some juice will come out of the potatoes. Be aware that potato juice can stain dish towels and other cloth, so if you do not wish to stain your favorite rag, do not use it to wipe up the juice or wipe off your hands.After grating your potatoes into a bowl, you face one of the most critical challenges to creating crisp hashbrowns. In order to have crisp hashbrowns, you must squeeze as much of the juice out of them as possible.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways of doing this is to put the potatoes in a potato ricer and squeeze as much juice out of them as possible. Note: you do not have to have the potatoes go through the holes in the ricer; you simply need to apply a large amount of force to get the juice of the potatoes.There are other methods to squeezing the juice out. If you don’t have a potato ricer, you can always squeeze the juice out by placing the potatoes in a solid, clean dishrag (remember: potato juice does stain) and wringing the rag out. This method is more taxing than using a potato ricer, as you will be required to use more time and effort to squeeze out the juice.However, it is possible to make crisp hashbrowns this way.

After completing this step, put a small bit of oil in a pan at a high temperature. Add your potatoes and carefully watch them so they don’t burn or stick. Flip regularly and cook until golden brown on both sides. Here, you may add your salt, pepper, or other seasonings and ingredients if you so desire.When the hashbrowns are golden brown on both sides, they are ready for you to enjoy! Happy cooking!

There you have it! A quick, easy, and fun way to create a perfect Christmas cookies breakfast! So enjoy with a great things recipes at your home.

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