West Bend 2lb Breadmaker Review

The West Bend 2lb Bread maker features a non-stick loaf pan, which assists in the blending of the ingredients and kneading of the dough as nothing sticks to the side of the pan. The non-stick feature also makes for easy cleaning.

A generous 12 setting electronic menu and crust selection ensures bread just the way you like it. With a 600 watt motor there is ample power without wasting expensive energy. The robust white plastic exterior makes for easy cleaning and will blend with any décor. The added bonus of the delay start feature means you can make bread overnight and wake to delicious, fresh, warm bread or be greeted when you come home from shopping or work to the tempting smell of freshly baked bread.

Owners of the bread machine have nothing but praise for their West Bend. The convenience but most important the quality of the bread it produces. Some have owned their machines for a number of years and despite almost daily use their bread maker still produces excellent bread day after day.

West Bend 2lb Breadmaker Review

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Many also comment on how economical the bread maker is to use and how quiet it is in operation, due to the 600 watt motor.Other owners are delighted that they can make specialty breads, simply by adding things like nuts or fruit to the dough, at a fraction of the price they would expect to pay at the store.

While others have invested in the bread maker for the peace of mind knowing exactly what is going into their bread. Owners also comment that they keep their bread maker on the worktop, because they know it is something they are going to be using at least once a day. On the negative side some do complain that the bread tastes so good they find themselves eating more bread than before they bought their bread maker. The bread maker also comes with a very comprehensive instruction book, with very clear instructions. There are also excellent recipes for different breads for the owner to try and experiment with, for those who prefer organic foods they have the option to buy organic flour etc. for their own personal organic bread. Whatever the reason for purchasing the bread maker everyone seems to agree that it was money well spent.

To make life easy there is just one default setting for the different loaf sizes, no need to fiddle with additional settings. With a  basic 2lb loaf taking just 3 hours (smaller loaves take a little less time) to bake in the bread maker, the set and forget feature of the delay start timer makes using the bread maker quick and easy. The flexibility of the bread maker means you can make 1lb, 1½ lb. or the full 2lb size loaf to suit your needs. The 2lb bread maker is ideal for a smaller family or a single person as they can make smaller loaves should they wish.The compact design makes storing the bread maker simple, though many owners say they never put their bread maker in the cupboard because they use it daily.

Cleaning of the bread maker is really quick and simple, the non-stick design of the loaf pan means a gentle wash in warm soapy water is all that is required. The exterior being made of plastic is equally easy to keep clean; just a quick wipe over with a damp cloth is usually all that is needed to keep the machine looking its best and ready for action. Even with the single paddle feature this machine produces top quality bread. This is a very clever machine and baking bread couldn’t be easier, just measure the ingredients into the loaf pan and program the settings, it really is that simple. The ingredients are mixed into dough then kneaded and proved and baked to perfection. In just 3 hours you have a fabulous freshly baked loaf of bread just the way you like it.

The impressive 12 setting menu ensures each loaf is baked just the way you like it, even the crust will be baked to your requirements.Imagine being able to make your own favorite breads right in your own home, walnut bread, onion bread, buttermilk bread; the choice is just about endless, perfect specialty breads at a fraction of the cost of store bought breads. The West Bend 2lb Bread Maker is a must for anyone who enjoys fresh top quality bread.

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